Age Gracefully and Safely!

Age Gracefully and Safely!


Say NO to Retinol! Reti-NO!
There’s something safer and better now!
I’m so excited to share this new skin care line by Beautycounter with you!
I’m 45, have 2 businesses, 3 children, a new puppy and a husband who is also a busy business owner…we’re all so busy right??…So time is of the essence! But… I’ve been getting so many compliments on my skin lately which makes me happy because although most days I don’t take much time to do my hair or makeup (messy bun, mascara, lip gloss and I’m out the door most days) I do take a little time to take care of my skin. I’m not trying to fight my age but I do want to age gracefully and prevent even more damage to my skin. All of my Summers in my younger years were spent in the sun swimming competitively, life guarding and hanging out at my best friend’s pool – all without sunscreen 95% of the time 😩. So I was really excited when Beautycounter launched….


Each product in Countertime contains our proprietary blend- the Retinatural complex compromised of Bakuchiol and Swiss Alpine Rose, which gives you the benefits of Retinol without safety concerns Retinol has or irritation it can cause. BONUS- you can go in the sun with it and if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding it’s safe to use!

I’ve been using it for a month now and I absolutely love it. Using the whole collection is so calming and relaxing to me. I enjoy using it and I love the results! Plumper and more radiant skin!

The Cleansing Oil (see photo) is amazing. I know, washing your face with an oil sounds weird BUT it’s really helping with my dryness and it’s clearing up the complexions of many who have acne!

The Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream is so rich and hydrating, I can’t imagine a day without using it. It’s on par with La Mer but without the harmful ingredient concerns.

The Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence is like a shot of nutrition for your skin and who doesn’t need that? I’ve never used an essence before nor did I know what one was before using Countertime but now I’m in love!!!

The Ultra Renewal Eye Cream is made with Persian silk tree extract which brightens dark circles, tightens the skin around your eyes, addresses crow’s feet, puffiness and fine lines. The Antioxidant Soft Cream is a light day cream but still is so hydrating! The Tetrapeptide Radiance Serum seems to do the heavy lifting for my skin. It repairs your skin and protects it from environmental stressors. All products contain the Retinatural Complex to repair and protect.

The environmentally friendly glass bottles and jars in this collection are HUGE so they will last forever. The collection is actually much less expensive per ounce than other similar brands. The products in this collection are made to work together so instead of choosing one or two items… if you can, try to invest in the collection to maximize your results and savings. Purchasing the whole collection or smaller sized regimen will give you a price break versus buying each product à la cart.

All of the benefits of retinol without the safety concerns– yes please!!
Some call it anti-aging, we call it #betterwithage.
Please comment with any questions you may have or email me @

We all deserve to age gracefully and safely!


Maria McKendry, Em & Gracie Blogger, Safer Beauty Advocate

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