MCKENDRY-3204Welcome to Em & Gracie, a blog about fashion, wellness and life. I’m Maria. My life is pretty busy. I married my husband Eric 16 years ago and we have 3 beautiful children, Emily 14, Brendan 13 and Grace 10. I live in Buffalo, NY and I own a boutique barre fitness studio called Buffalo Barre. I’ve been a licensed physical therapist for 21 years. I no longer practice PT but I use my skills almost daily when instructing barre classes or giving advice to family and friends. I like to travel, read, cook and follow a plant-based diet. I love fitness …especially barre and basically all classes offered at my studio (good thing!) but I also enjoy running, walking, biking, skiing and any activity that involves being on, in or near water! I am my kids biggest fan and love spectating at their sporting events like hockey, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball and cross-country running. I love music, shopping, all things related to wellness, hanging out with family, friends and basically anyone who is driven, has a sense of humor and love of life. I love finding out what makes people tick and their story.

I have lived in Buffalo, NY for my entire life. Being from Buffalo, I have a never give up attitude…thank you long Winters, blizzards and Buffalo Bills. All kidding aside, Buffalo is an amazing city. I love being able to live through Buffalo’s resurgence. It’s an exciting time to be a Buffalonian and I plan to share with you some of what that means!

I named this blog after my daughters, Emily & Grace…nicknames Em & Gracie. My son was happy to be left out. My daughters are hoping this means they don’t have to be in the blog although they’re warming up to the idea. Thanks kids! 🙂 I love them to pieces and I’m navigating this whole kids growing up/teenager thing like most parents I guess…one day at a time.

Some people call me an entrepreneur but I call it finding ways to work and give back by sharing what I love…on my own time. I never wanted to own my own business let alone more than one business but it seems that God had a different plan. I’m so glad that I was listening and willing to take a leap of faith! I hope this blog inspires you to live your life by doing what you love too.

Thanks for visiting. Let’s shop, learn and have some fun!



“And as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.”
– William Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)