What to Wear to a Fall or Winter Wedding

Hi friends! I recently had a request to do some personal shopping for an Em & Gracie follower who was looking for something to wear to a wedding in November. I love special requests but before I make a recommendation I always ask a zillion questions first to avoid too much back and forth with suggestions. She wanted something semi-formal, not a jumpsuit as it seemed too trendy to her and under $200. My only question after that was “Do you like wearing green?” She answered yes, she loves green. Bingo! I knew exactly what I wanted her to wear…a green dress I’ve had my eye on from Nordstrom. I LOVE green. The good news is she loved it too. I suggested nude heels to elongate the legs and let the color of the dress be the show. Green as opposed to a little black dress to be different. Although the dress looks black in this photo, it’s forest green. I took another with indoor lighting so you can see the true color. I thought about re-doing the photo outside but the 40 degree weather here in Buffalo makes you settle on things a little quicker than usual! Brrrr…you can see a little discomfort in my smile. This dress also comes in navy, black and burgundy. All great options. I’m just partial to green. The burgundy reminds me of a dress by the same designer that I posted last Fall in my blog “Best of Burgundy.” That dress is still available too if you need another option!Fall Dress, Fall Wedding Dress, What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Shop the entire look below:
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