Dive into a Jumpsuit!

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Jumpsuits are SO HOT right now and if you’ve seen me lately I’ve probably told you about how much I love wearing them and how you need one too. My mother recently told me that when she was in “junior high” (in the 60’s) she wore a light blue jumpsuit for Phys. Ed . class! The name “jumpsuit” is very literal. It began as an outfit for movement and physical activity, specifically for SKYDIVERS. It’s no surprise that these one-piece wonders changed into fashion pieces and keep coming back decade after decade. They’re comfortable, versatile and always on-trend. That’s right, the jumpsuit is here to stay.  Many think the jumpsuit has transitioned from a fashion statement to a fashion STAPLE…aka a classic. From day-to-night they’re the easiest thing to put on and look effortlessly pulled together. Just add shoes, accessories and you’re done! Spring and Summer are the perfect time to purchase one and save for your upcoming events like graduations, showers, weddings, backyard parties, country club events or a special night out. From casual chic to elegant, there’s so many to choose from. Shop below by clicking on the images that will take you directly to the store. Swipe right to see more photos.
Jumpsuit, Fashion, ClothingIf you don’t own a jumpsuit yet, my suggestion is to “dive” in and choose one of these classic pieces. Your future self will thank you! Let me know if you have a favorite jumpsuit in the comments. Thank you for stopping by and reading Em & Gracie.


Maria McKendry

“Diving is a leap of faith plus gravity.”

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