Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her

It’s that time of year again when we just got through all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays and another one sneaks up on us. Valentine’s Day. You either love it or hate it. This year I’m choosing to love it. I’m going to love it by donating the Barefoot Dreams blanket from my gift guide below to a women’s shelter in Buffalo, NY for someone who could really stand to have their spirits lifted.

Most of us have people in our lives who lift us up when we’re down but there are so many women who don’t have anyone to lean on in tough times. Victims of domestic abuse who have been isolated from their family and friends for example, elderly in nursing homes without family around to check in on them or whatever the circumstance may be. There’s always someone who needs something more than ourselves. They probably don’t care about Valentine’s Day but just imagine how they’d feel if they knew a stranger cared about them enough to go out of their way to shower them with kindness. If you can afford to do the same , I encourage you to do this too.  Attached to the blanket will be a note that says…when you feel alone, wrap yourself in this and know that you are loved.

Share love this Valentine’s Day! Here are some of my favorite gifts to give and receive below. Please click on the images to learn more and shop directly:

This gift guide is for women, so ladies if you have a special woman in your life that could benefit from a random act of kindness, keep reading. Feel free to forward this to your significant other too! We all know that most guys appreciate your help. Give them a few ideas and let them choose one. I’m sure they’d appreciate the tips! There’s always the option to treat yourself too. If you’re single, I say go for it. You probably work hard and deserve it!


As you can see, there are things that are priced under $100 and things that are luxuries. Here’s an idea guys…buy your special lady this dress and attach a note telling her to put it on because you’re taking her out for a romantic dinner!

Burgundy Dress, Bardot Dress, Em and Gracie

Please enjoy shopping within your budget and share your love this Valentine’s Day.

Thanks for visiting Em & Gracie! Let me know if anything catches your eye. I’d LOVE to hear from YOU!


Maria McKendry

“In the end, LOVE is all that matters. It truly is.”

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