Pocketful of Sunshine!

It’s no secret that my favorite flowers are sunflowers. They’re bright, happy, fun and radiate sunshine! When I heard about this sunflower farm nearby I knew I had to check it out. My attempt to plant my own in our backyard this year was futile. They only grew to be a foot tall and for the most part looked half-dead all Summer. Note to self…plant in a sunnier spot next year.

This “sunflower farm” as my daughter Gracie called it is located in Sanborn, NY at the intersection of Route 31 and Baer Rd. If you’re local, it’s definitely worth the trip. As we approached the intersection I could see a yellow haze that seemed to go on forever. I thought, could this really be it? No way, it’s huge! Indeed that was it! I literally screamed when I saw it. With my three kids and a couple of their friends in tow, we parked the car (parking available on either side of the street) and eagerly checked it out.

The sunflowers seemed to go on forever in their perfectly planted rows. We were in awe. There really are no words to describe it…you have to see it for yourself! If you’re afraid of bees this might not be the place for you but knowing from my late grandfather who was a beekeeper that when there’s that much pollen around, they’re going to be much too busy to bother you.

I don’t know too much about the story behind this “sunflower farm” but I hear the farmers have something different planned for next year so I wouldn’t put off going to see it if you’re local. If you can organize it quickly, bring along a professional photographer for those Senior portraits or Fall photos of the kids. Honestly, depending on the lighting, you might be able to capture that perfect shot by yourself! You don’t have to feel like you’re trespassing because the owners put out a sign out that says to enjoy it and take pictures! Below are some that we took.


I hope this blog inspires you to get out and enjoy nature! There’s beauty everywhere if you just take the time to slow down and appreciate it. If you make the trip to see this, leave me a comment about your experience. I’d be interested to know what you thought!



“The sun is on my side. Take me for a ride. I smile up to the sky…I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.” ~ Natasha Bedingfield

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  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I 💛🌻 too! Looks like a great place for my niece (&beautiful Goddaughter) to go take some great instagram photos for her “streak”-only the good Lord knows what these kids will come up with next, lol! Thank you for passing on the great info & sharing such breathtaking pics!

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