Favorite Fall Booties for 2017

Fall is near in Buffalo, NY. You can feel it in the air. The mornings are darker & feel brisk. The days are getting shorter. Back to school preparations are in full swing and the kids have already started their Fall sports. Although I dislike seeing the Summer end… have no fear, bootie season is near!

I love booties for their versatility. You can wear them with just about anything like jeans, jean shorts, swing dresses, leggings & dress pants. Of course, you’re going to need more than one pair! Some are casual, some are dressy, some are closed-toe, some are peep-toe. Booties have different shaft heights, rounded-toe v. pointy-toe…in other words, one style does not work with all outfits.

I’m going to share my favorite Fall Bootie picks for 2017 with you to make your shopping for booties life easier. My favorites are all from Nordstrom. Their selection is incredible, the quality is great and they offer free shipping and hassle-free returns. My bootie breakdown will be by heel height. Simply click on the photos & links below the photos to see the details, prices, reviews, etc. All come in different colors so be sure to check those out too!

Low Heels

You can wear a low-heeled bootie with just about anything and for long periods of time. For these reasons, I think the low-heeled bootie is most versatile and functional yet still super cute! “These boots were made for walking” and here are my favorites:

Mid-Heel Height

Booties with a mid-heel height are extremely versatile and are my personal favorite because feeling a little taller is fun yet not as uncomfortable as a higher heel can be! My picks:

High Heel Booties

High heel booties are perfect for a dressier, upscale, night out look. You probably want to make sure you won’t be doing a lot of walking in these 🙂 Here are my favorites:

What are YOUR favorites? Let me know in the comments!


Maria McKendry

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